PE-MUH-00004 (F)
Animal Feed Fat Nufat N310



Nutri Fat N310 is carefully selected from highest quality of fractionated palm oil without hydrogenation and contains low Trans Fatty Acids. It is ideal by adding into ruminant food rations to boost up their energy uptake. It has the palmitic acid content, which can bypass ruminant rumen, become direct energy sources for ruminant.

Nutri Fat N310 consist of mostly saturated fatty acids (C16>75%) and has high melting point which does not influence the activity of rumen micro-organism and fibre digestion rate (rumen by-pass fat).

Total Fat Content (% min) 94
Free Fatty Acid (% max) 1.0
Moisture & Impurities (% max) 0.5
Colour White
Preoxide Value 0.8 MEQ/Kg
Calorific Value >8,500 Kcal/Kg0.92 ppm
Iron (as Fe) 0.92 ppm
Copper (as Cu) <0.05 ppm

Lead (as Pb)

<0.05 ppm
Arsenic (as As) <0.02 ppm
Mercury (as Hg) <0.02 ppm
Size (micro beads) 600-800
Shape Round


Product Properties:

The product is spray cool dried as free flow granular beads for easy handling. The advantages are:-

  • Higher concentration of energy : Caloric Value :>8,500 Kcal/Kg
  • Reduces the risk of ketosis and fatty liver.
  • Acetonemia problems corrected.
  • Improve pregnancy rate.
  • No corrosives, no pungent odour.
  • High palatability.
  • Improve the milk production

Dosage Recommendation:

Starter Diet                                         : 2% – 5% in total feed
Grower Diet                                       : 3% – 5% in total feed
Sow’s Diet                                           : 2% – 3% in total feed


Broiler Grower & Finisher             : 3% – 5% in total feed
Layer Feed                                              :1% -3% in total feed


Packing: 25kg woven laminated paper bag.

Storage: * Packed vegetable fats should be stored in an odourless, clean, cool, and dry place.
 * No direct exposure to light.
 * Twenty four months shelf life under recommended condition.