PE-MUH-00002 (F)
Animal Feed Fat Nufat N323


Product Specification


Nufat N323 is high concentration source of energy supplementary fat, specially produced from highly stable 100% vegetable based fully refined palm oil fractions which are non-hydrogenated and free from Trans Fatty Acids (TFA).  Nufat N323 is adding to the feed to improve the emulsifying properties and thus increase the digestibility of poultry and swine.


Total Fat Content (% min) 98

Free Fatty Acid (% max)

Moisture & Impurities (% max) 0.5
Slip Melting Point (°C min) 54
Iodine Value (Wjis max) 17
Lecithin Dose Rate (%) 3-5


Free from Chloramphenicol, Nitrofuran, Antibiotics and Melamine.


Target Animal Addition To Feed Ration
Poultry (%) 3-5
Pig Fattening (%) 4-8
Feed for Sows (%) 8-10


  • Fattening feed
    • Increase energy uptake
    • Improve feed conversion
    • Increase daily weight gain
    • Shortens the fattening period
    • Results in a high carcass weight and excellent carcass quality.
  • Sow feed
    • Increase the milk yield
    • Increase weaning weight
    • Fewer piglet losses
  • Piglet Feed
    • Stabilizes the piglets’ health
    • Stimulates growth


Product Properties:

The product is spray cool dried as free flow granular beads for easy handling. The advantages are:-

  • Highly digestible energy sources
  • Improve feed intake and weight gain
  • Shorten fattening time

Dosage Recommendation:

Starter Diet                                         : 2% – 5% in total feed
Grower Diet                                       : 3% – 5% in total feed
Sow’s Diet                                           : 2% – 3% in total feed

Broiler Grower & Finisher             : 3% – 5% in total feed
Layer Feed                                          : 1% -3% in total feed

Packing: 25kg woven laminated paper bag.


Storage Condition:

  • Store in cool and dry place.
  • Keep away from odoriferous materials and
  • Avoid exposing to direct sunlight.

Packing: 25kg woven laminated paper bag.