Particle Spray Cooling Services

As part of Nutricrest’s full suite of particle processing services, we feature particle spray cooling capabilities, with single batch capacities up to 1 metric ton per hour. We can handle large scale orders up to 40 metric tons per batch, Nutricrest’s particle spray cooling equipment utilizes a single-fluid nozzle setup: one part of nozzle dispenses the solution (typically aqueous, but we also can particle spray cooling solvents), and the other part of the nozzle atomizes the solution stream through the flow of high pressure air. The atomized particles are dried according to the stability of the product. Once cooled, the particles are removed from the chamber through a cone bottom and cyclone to a discharge point.

Our particle spray cooling services are used in a variety of industries: medical devices, micro-electronics, cosmetics, and others. Particle size distributions are monitored and measured using Dino-Lite Digital, Microscope (magnifying glass)and Magnification Rate-200X equipment, to ensure the proper particle size is achieved.